Objectives of the 9th WMW International Meeting: Brazil 2013


The 9th International Meeting (IM) of the WMW will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, at the end of August. At the last International Committee meeting, held in the Basque Country last October, we defined the objectives for the IM and an initial outline for its program.
At this next IM, we will continue working to strengthen the World March of Women as an ongoing movement capable of influencing the political and economic context, by:

  • Deepening and increasing the visibility of our political analyses, alternatives and resistance;
  • Deciding on and planning the 4th International Action;
  • Electing the National Coordinating Body that will host the International Secretariat and agreeing on the transition process for its ensured continuity; and
  • Strengthening the organization of the National Coordinating Bodies by means of exchanges of experiences.

At the IC meeting, the Brazilian NCB indicated its desire to make the IM a time of strong mobilization, at both the national level and for the WMW’s Southern Cone sub-region (including Argentina, Chile and Paraguay), with the goal of sharing our experience in movement-building and our contributions to feminism worldwide. The IC members approved this aim and looked for ways to combine it with the decisions that will need to be made by the assembly of delegates.

December 2012, Newsletter 4/2012


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