9th WMW International Meeting


The Brazilian NCB meeting took place from March 16th to 18th with participants debating, among other issues, the preparation of the IM

From August 25th to 31st, 2013, the city of São Paulo will host the WMW’s 9th International Meeting (IM)! The location and dates for the event were chosen on the basis of several points, such as the calendars of social movements in the country during the month of August, the existence of adequate spaces for the series of activities included in the IM, the ease and cost of access to the city, and funding possibilities.

We are planning the IM as a time of
 strong mobilization, at both the 
national level and for the WMW’s
 Southern Cone sub-region 
(including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay), with the goal of sharing our experience in movement-building and our contributions to feminism worldwide. The program will begin with an opening activity, followed by two days of feminist discussions and training, with the participation of all of the participating NCBs’ official IM delegates and WMW activists wishing to join in. Next, the delegates will have three days of plenary sessions, during which we will make decisions on our next International Action and our internal organization. In parallel, the other WMW activists will participate in workshops and self- managed activities. On the final day, we will come together again in a large plenary session in the morning, to share our experiences over the course of the previous days. The IM will end with a large rally during the afternoon, when we will occupy the streets of the city.

[Newsletter 1/2013]


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